Gestion des talents – Cornerstone

Cornerstone on demand asked me to translate research data about talent in France into an infographic

En Profiel





This book is the conclusion af the platform sustainable area development.
It was printed and screen printed (cover) by 

Wake up! video for NEMO

Every sunday Science center NEMO organizes Children Lectures where scientists answer kids questions. They have been doing that for 10 years years now.

Dromen en draken – Book for the Vrolijkheid

We used the materials from children’s projects to make a really nice flip through book.

Zorg wordt duurder

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport ask us to make a infographic about why we have to cut down 15 billion.

Rape in Congo trilogy

A booklet with photo’s and quotes and three shocking documentaries.

PWN ‘Every drop counts’ commercial

PWN is a large waterworks company in Noord Holland. For the introduction of new ‘smart’ water gage they asked me to make a clip. The goal was to communicate the necessity of this new technology.

Weapon of War poster

In Weapon of War military perpetrators in Congo unveil what lies behind this brutal behavior.